1. Old Friends

From the recording Frida's Brow

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Chris MacLean: Vocals & Guitar
Alise Marlane: Harmony Vocal & Mandolin
Jennifer Noxon: Harmony Vocal
Ken Kanwisher: Double Bass
James Stephens: Violin
Phil Bova: Drum Kit


Old Friends – copyright © Chris MacLean 2004 (SOCAN)

The comings and goings of drifters and lovers
Birth of child, death of a brother
These are the mileposts that map out the route
On the journey of old friends

You walk through the fire, you shiver in the rain
You stumble, you fall, you cry out in pain
Friends familiar and trusted
Lead you laughter again

You cannot buy them, no you may not even choose
Your old friends are treasures, you never want to lose

The road may be tough, the twists may be many
And the years draw lines on your face
Your friends remember the dreams that you had and they love you still in that place
And even when they are parted, their spirit remains close by
You can call on them often and they will come to you when you cry


You never know when you will find one that lasts
Could be in your family, your school, your neighbourhood
Well it could be your dog or your cat
But there is one thing that will bind you to them
Time and time again
Oh your old friends need you just as much as you need them