The Song Kitchen Community Choir – a non-auditioned a capella community choir

Whether on Zoom or in person, my  aim is to offer you:

  • soul-satisfying songs

  • a weekly dose of fun

  • 90-minutes of stress release

  • a sense of belonging

  • encouragement to sing with your whole body


Singing is a great way to release physical and emotional tension; increase your sense of well-being; contribute to resilience; improve cardio vascular and respiratory health; alleviate muscle tension and physical aches and pains; enhance your listening skills; improve general alertness; and elevate endorphins (the feel-good hormone). 

 "Pour moi c'est une première expérience et j'aime beaucoup la façon dont le cours est offert.  Votre belle énergie est bien appréciée!" Pauline, Wakefield choir member

Singing is always good medicine, but especially when in Good company!

It's an hour and a half of learning, listening, laughing and having fun. Pure joy. Much better than yoga for relaxation!! Pam, Wakefield choir member



TUESDAYs 12:30 – 2PM at Woodroffe United Church, OTTAWA

8-weeks starting March 28 until May 23 (no class on Apr 11)

WEDNESDAYS at La Fab sur Mill, 8 Mill Road, Chelsea QC 

8-weeks starting March 29 until May 24 (no class on Apr 12)

2:00 – 3:30PM (20 people max)

(the 12:15 timeslot is full)

Masks will quite likely be required.

"You make people feel relaxed, even if they don’t think they can sing."  Trish, Ottawa choir member 

Everything is taught by ear.  

We sing in unison, harmony & round; in a variety of styles including Contemporary Folk/Roots, World, Pop and Gospel.  

We move to the groove!

"You bring us into our bodies first, help us get out of our heads and into the experience of BEING and singing together."
Emma, Wakefield choir member

Think you can't sing? Worried you'll 'wreck' it for everybody else? Come and try it out. You'll be welcome. This choir is about community as much as it's about singing!

All participants must register in advance.

For more information please contact Chris.

"I used to think I was a tonally abrasive liability...but it just feels so good. I am starting to believe I sound good enough...and that it is "my birthright"! Choir is a really healing, soul-lifting experience."  Laura, Ottawa choir member 

Some mask options:

Canadian-made high quality breathable masks from Canada Strong - I bought a 30-pack of the Layfield 95PFE-L3 Respirator Masks which cost about $1.90 per mask including shipping.

DENT-X FN-N95-508 from a Canadian First Nations owned business – about $2.60 including shipping