Chris teaches adults and young adults, one-on-one lessons presently on Zoom.

My teaching approach is inspired by my own mentors and training as a Voice Movement Therapy practitioner. Each student is unique and so, your voice sessions will be tailor-made to fit your individual needs and wants. 

"We come into this world singing our hearts out, without restraint or inhibition. Then along comes language, which chains our soul to the word and leaves the greater part of our Self unspoken. For, the reservoir of our psyche is beyond language, but it is not beyond voice... To give expression once again to our cherished feelings, our rampant instincts and our spontaneous impulses, we must re-find our voice." Paul Newham, founder of Voice Movement Therapy


    We can work on: 

    • Increasing your ability and confidence to make sound;  
    • Improving your listening skills and pitch 
    • Singing, speaking and moving more expressively;  
    • Becoming more aware and accepting of your body  
    • Overcoming stage-fright or limiting beliefs about your ability to sing

    We will include:

    • How to breathe properly to fully support the voice;  
    • Creating a safe and grounded space to make sound in;  
    • Exploration of timbres and registers, projection, loudness and expressive dynamics;  
    • Healthy vocal habits and care for your voice;  
    • Practice and play with songs of your choice

    Private clients begin with a minimum commitment of 4 sessions.
    However, in order to give yourself the opportunity to benefit most from the work, 10 or more weekly sessions are recommended. 

    No previous experience is necessary and participants do not need to know how to read music. 

    Come as you are; wear lose comfortable clothing and bring water, a journal and pen/pencil.