Week-Long SINGING RETREAT: Nov 30 til Dec 7, 2024 – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

EARLY BIRD RATE ends JUNE 30, 2024 (click on Registration button for info):

We arrive on a Saturday. On Sunday morning we'll enjoy a catered brunch, and have introductions. The singing begins that afternoon. We sing each day for 6 days, ending with a catered supper on Friday night. Each day there will be time to enjoy each other’s company; participate in various extra-curricular activities; or simply relax in a gorgeous natural environment.

We spend 2 to 5 hours per day in the singing workshop. This includes moderate movement – think expressive dance or tai chi – no one is pushed to do that which they are not willing or able to do. You will be exposed to various elements of the singing practice – always mindful that the JOY of singing is the primary focus here. Singing outside of the workshop hours is highly encouraged. 

 "My expectations were more than satisfied.  The program was perfect...  We had lots of free time which really added to the experience and yet we had such a comprehensive program.  And what a lovely group of people.  I loved it.  I would definitely come again, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone." Joan, 2020 participant

Here's what to expect

  • daily warm-ups, which include some vocal skill building; 
  • moderate movement with and without musical accompaniment 
  • learning short, harmony-rich songs; 
  • an introduction to vocal sound healing – not attached to any religious practice or dogma; 
  • an introduction to vocal improvisation and Circle singing

The retreat is open to adults of all genders.

Do not expect sheet music – there probably won't be any. The ability to read music is not required. Most songs will be either taught by ear and we will create some collaboratively, on the spot (Circle Singing)! 

200% Fantasmagorique! meaning awesome in a magical way! I learned so much. And let go of so much. I felt in confidence to express and explore. I felt safe." Tanya, 2023 participant

Expect to have fun while learning new skills, expanding your own expressive territory, and singing as a group. The web is full of articles outlining the many physical and psychological benefits of singing with others. These benefits include: enhanced social engagement and sense of belonging; release of tension and anxiety; increased sense of well-being, calmness and resolution; cardio vascular and respiratory health; alleviation of muscle tension and physical aches and pains; enhanced listening skills; an improvement in general alertness; and elevated endorphins. Here is an article that briefly outlines how singing changes your brain. Here is a compelling TEDTalk about how singing together benefits us. 

"The programming was superb, I would rate it a 5 on a scale of 1-5. I was mostly picturing singing as a group but was nicely surprised by the incorporation of movement exercises. I especially liked when singing and movement was combined (improvising exercises)." Jen, 2020 participant

Do not expect perfection! This workshop is for singers of varying abilities. Each singer is a valued member of the group, no matter their ability or musical background. You will be encouraged to participate with open-heartedness, non-judgement and a willingness to do your best. 

“As a first timer, it exceeded my expectations and the unorthodox choral approach was relaxing, fun and a perfect re-entry after years of not singing often. The freetime was perfectly balanced.” Brady, 2023 participant

There is no planned concert at the end. We are singing for ourselves. That said, if people decide they want to gather on the beach or town square to share, no problem! For example, in 2020 we sang in the town square on Friday night. In 2023, we sang for our hosts and the catering staff around the pool. It's a group decision.

 "The retreat as a whole expanded our consciousness and horizons not only outwardly but inwardly. It is difficult to imagine a better site than Villas with Jack as a friendly presence each morning. One word for the experience: awesome." Margaret, 2020 participant

We schedule each retreat to include trips to local points of interest. There is also plenty of free-time to relax enjoy the surroundings.

Chris with Louise, our logistics lead

Our lovely villa

The pool and patio

The 2023 Retreat group hamming it up:)