"If there's one thing I want is for people to feel that sense of joy that I feel for just being able to sing, and getting a room full of strangers to sing together? what a joyful experience that is for me! I love it! ... That's what circles are: they are a feast, a celebration of what human voices can do together...."
Bobby McFerrin, the founding father of modern-day Circle Singing

Circle Singing is a spontaneous, improvised 'voice-jam' or 'drum circle' for voices, with roots reaching back to the earliest tribal singing traditions. 

As part of the 100 Mile Arts ART in the PARK series, 

please join me on 
Saturday AUG 24, from 12:15 – 2pm
for a community CIRCLE SING at Parc Roquebrune, Wakefield QC (Turntable park)

All singers, especially those who can carry a tune, are welcome.

There are many ways to facilitate Circle Singing, the most common, is to gather in a circle grouped according to vocal pitch range (low singers, mid-range and high singers). The leader stands in the centre and spontaneously creates parts (made of simple melodic and/or rhythmic patterns) which are assigned one-by-one, to each group of singers. An 'orchestra' of voices builds and a song, unique to that moment in time, unfolds. Once the circle is built, individuals are  invited into the centre to solo, if they choose. The parts, often just sounds (not words), emulate those in an orchestra or band - including bass, percussion, lead, interlocking rhythms and sounds, melody and counter melody.  

A Circle Sing, especially for non-professional singers, needs at least 20 people. The more the merrier, as the grouped voices support each other. Don't worry if you have never done it before!

Circle Singing is for singers of all levels of ability, although some strong, confident singers are necessary. It's a TON of fun and an excellent way to build community, even amongst people who speak different languages. There is definitely a spiritual aspect to Circle Singing, although it is not overt but more implied by the way in which it connects people. In my experience, it's empowering and freeing. The room is pulsing with love at the end of an hour of Circle Singing.

Monthly Circle Singing is on hold right now, but looking forward to when we can gather to sing again. Stay tuned!