Song Kitchen Choir – Weekly Format

The format is the same throughout the term. We begin each practice  tuning in to the body and breath – through movement, sighing &  stretching.

Then a brief vocal warm-up / building vocal skills and healthy vocal habits.

"My singing skills have greatly improved."
Charlotte, Ottawa choir member

In each 'class' we usually work on 4 songs.  The repertoire  is soulful, groovy, fun or thought provoking. Stylistically, it's a smorgasbord – for instance, a typical term could include: a short African song or chant; a pop song; a folk song from somewhere in Europe (not in English); groovy roots chants; a traditional lullaby; a brain teaser round; a call & response; a folk song in English or French; and a show song from a musical. We’ve also played with some simple body percussion (lots of laughs!).  We typically work on songs for more than a week at a time except for the really short, warm-up songs.

We finish with the group toning together, ending in silence. 

Lyrics to full length or complex songs, are sent out before each class. Registered choir members have the added benefit of downloadable tracks to practice with, after the song has been taught. 

Everything is taught by ear. In all we do, participants are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability and desire. Everyone is welcome, no matter what their level of expertise, ability or confidence. Shy or reluctant singers are helped along by the stronger, more confident singers. Having fun and creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness are at the top of the list of priorities!

"Being part of your choir is a blast!"
Kathleen, Ottawa choir member

Bring water or something to sip on;  and wear comfy shoes and clothes.