1. Spring

From the recording Frida's Brow

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Chris MacLean: Vocals & Guitar
Alise Marlane: Harmony Vocals & Mandolin
Jennifer Noxon: Harmony Vocals & Harmonica
Spencer Evans: Piano
Ken Kanwisher: Double Bass
Phil Bova: Cymbals & Shaker


Spring – copyright © Chris MacLean (SOCAN)

Morning brings the light and I hear them chase the night away
With a song that goes along with the sound of the stream
That runs beneath my window
Spring is in the air, I can feel it in my bones
And the wind that blows my hair
Dries the fields that stretch out
Beneath my window
And the birds are home to stay

Winter packed her big old bags
Took the ice, the snow and fled
We put our coats and boots away, hung the shovel in the shed
Then we dance for joy at the lengthening of the days
The water running freely and the sun so warm on our faces
And the birds are home to stay

What guides them on their way
No map nor compass
Must be the hand of God
And courage to trust it

Life is a journey like the stream makes through the snow
Carving out it’s own path as it tumbles down the slope
I will trust the journey, like the bird who leaves the warmth
Takes wings to the sky, no map to guide
Til she’s home in the North
Until I’m home to stay