From the recording Learn To Be Loved

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Fred Guignon: Lead Guitar
Alan Marsden: Slide Guitar
Ken Kanwisher: Double Bass
Peter Von Althen: Drums; Percussion
Ian Tamblyn: Treated Piano
Andrea Karam: Vocals & Backing Vocals
Marty Jones: Drum Loop


Out of the Blue – copyright © Chris MacLean 2000 (SOCAN)

I watch you climbing the steepest slope
I know you’re trying to let go
Some days it goes so slow
You walk, bricks in your shoes
And there’s a heaviness in your heart
That just won’t let you rise
Out of the blue

I want you to know
I love you, more and more and more
As I see you pick your way up
Out of the blue

If you let go of hope, could you drop the fear?
Let go of everything familiar
Everything you once held dear
And you climb to altitudes, I can barely see
I watch, knowing I will follow you, one day


I watch you climbing the stairs to home
I know you’re trying to let go