From the recording Learn To Be Loved

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Fred Guignon: Electric Guitar
Alan Marsden: Acoustic Lead Guitar
Ken Kanwisher: Bowed Bass, Double Bass
Peter Von Althen: Drums; Percussion
Ian Tamblyn: Synth
Andrea Karam: Backing Vocals


Diamond in My Heart – copyright © Chris MacLean 1999 (SOCAN)

I wrote you letters, talked about my life
Some of the beauty
All right, some things were not so nice
Love letters, you know, I poured out my heart
You rode off on a bicycle

What’s the matter, is this diamond in my heart too hard
That you would want to leave it shining
Like a cold, cold star
What’s the matter is this diamond
In my heart so bright
That you can’t find your way to me tonight?

We fit together, two spoons in the drawer
And it’s not just harmony baby
It’s a whole lot more
Once in your lifetime, luck stands at the door
And it hurts so much if you can’t ask for more


Standing on the edge of the steepest cliff around
Haven’t fallen yet, well, I haven’t hit the ground
Distance and a single twist of fate
Keeps me here tonight, wondering why I wait


Diamond in my heart, shining bright
Diamond in my heart, shining bright – it’s so bright