1. No Fear

From the recording Learn To Be Loved

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Bike Bell
Fred Guignon: Lead Guitar
Alan Marsden: Acoustic Guitar
Peter Von Althen: Drums
Ken Kanwisher: Double Bass
Ian Tamblyn: High String Guitar
Marty Jones: Drum Program


No Fear – copyright © Chris MacLean 2000 (SOCAN)

I lose myself in the wind and motion
I like the way my thoughts fly out behind me
Pedal til my legs feel tired
Pedal til my mind feels empty

Who let the bad guy in?
Who let the bad guy win?

I lose myself when I play guitar
Think about the the beat and where my fingers are
Soon the walls and the noise outside disappears
I play guitar until my mind feels clear

Who let the bad guy in?
He’s a fear monger
Who let the bad guy win?

I’m learning to slow down
Seek inner light and inner sound
Create around me, things of beauty
And live my life the way it suits me.

Not let the bad guy in – no fear
Not let the bad guy win – no fear
No fear, no fear.