From the recording Learn To Be Loved

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Chris MacLean: Lead and Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Linsey Wellman: Soprano Sax
Fred Guignon: Rhythm Electric Guitar
Ken Kanwisher: Electric Bass
Peter Von Althen: Drums
Ian Tamblyn: Synth
Dominique Saint Pierre: Bongos
Mae Moore: Backing Vocals


Map of the World – copyright © Chris MacLean 2000 (SOCAN)

I take you riding in my car
You hit me like a shooting star
I didn’t see you coming
Now I’m falling

Do you think we’ve got a chance?
Do you wanna make love and romance with me baby?
Do you want to go there too?
As much as I do

There’s a lot of pain in our past
And I’m standing here with my knees knocking together
But I’m not gonna run away
This time, something tells me
I’ve found treasure


You take me riding in your car
I want to paint a map of the world
And travel all around you, hoo
Ooh ooh ooh ya