From the recording Learn To Be Loved

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Chris MacLean: Lead and Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Fred Guignon: Electric Guitar
Ken Kanwisher: Double Bass
Peter Von Althen: Drums; percussion
Dominique Saint Pierre: congas
Ian Tamblyn: Synth; Organ
Mae Moore: Backing Vocals
Andrea Karam: Backing Vocals


Across the Water – copyright © Chris MacLean 2000 (SOCAN)

Across the water it is night
I reach into the darkness with my light
If I could swim across this, well I just might
Never come back
Funny how I met you
And how much I like the way you move through your life
And all the things you like to do
I like ‘em too

Last night I dreamt you were holding me
And we rode the waves
Now I wish that you loved me
And you would always stay

An ice storm hit this town
Trees are falling, all the lines went down
I couldn’t get through to you, if I tried
Even if there were no ocean between you and I
Frozen armour weighs down all my limbs
I hold my breath and wait for a good warm wind
To blow this ice and this sadness to the dawn
So I can move along


There’s so much in life we just survive
You’d barely recognize that we’re alive
Well, I’ve been working real hard cuz I want more
And I feel ready for this, like I haven’t felt before