From the recording Feet Be Still

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Chris MacLean: Lead and Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Fred Guignon: Electric Guitar
Stuart Watkins: Bass
Olivier Fairfield: Drums
James Stephens: Backing Vocals
Don Cummings: Organ
Ian Tamblyn: Backing vocals


Naysayer’s Redemption – copyright © Chris MacLean 2007 (SOCAN)

(I’m gonna) Kick this habit of always looking down
Stop naysaying, turn and look around
Count my blessings, every one
Give thanks for the living
Until the living is done

My body is a temple, to my soul she is tied
From the day that I’m born, ’til the day that I die
I better treat her well, with the respect she deserves
My body is beautiful – all her curves
So the next time I catch myself
Starting to compare, my body to another
Well I better not dare go down that road
It’s a dead end
And that’s no way to treat my oldest friend


For giving me everything I need
The bumps in the road that were there to teach
Thanks for my friends and my family
Their kindness and their faith in me
For air still clean enough to breathe
The shimmering lakes, the whispering trees
For the caw, caw crows
The promise in every day.

I could choose to be happy, choose to be sad
I could learn to forgive or stick with being mad
I could wallow in the dark or open up and see
The choices that are mine – all for free
So the next time I catch myself starting to complain
“My life is too hard, someone else is to blame”
Give my head a shake and get me out of there!
Action is the road that leads everywhere