From the recording Feet Be Still

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Mountain Dulcimer; Root Drum
James Stephens: Fiddles; Bass; Backing Vocals, Shaker, Tambourine


Sisters of Charity – copyright © Chris MacLean 2007 (SOCAN)

October 1840, with winter coming soon
The route to the west is covered in snow, beneath a watery moon
Alone without mon cher ami, whose children I’ve born eight
With the youngest I am traveling west but we’re only half the way.

The life we led was hard mon dieu, but the marriage was not wrong
Myself a Cree, my kids Metis, a family we were strong
My love has taken another bride, me he has betrayed
For Fort Vancouver we are bound but we’re only half the way

He married another, though I’m his lawful wife
And I’ll not take another
With God alone, I’ll die

Sisters of Charity, in the name of Saint Margeurite
Open the door I pray
Don’t turn us away.

A pious girl, ma belle petite, the Sisters will attest
With a complicated kindness, my Margeurite is blessed
At fifteen now her mind is made, she’s determined to stay
For Fort Vancouver we were bound, only made it half the way.

Our Father surely he will bless, all who come in need
To the convent at St. Boniface, to live his holy creed
She’s taken the vows of a nun in grey, ma chere Margeurite
The youngest of my children now, a Sister of Charity.