From the recording Feet Be Still

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Fred Guignon: Electric Guitar
Stuart Watkins: Electric Bass
Olivier Fairfield: Drums
Don Cummings: Organ
Nuka: Barks


A Dog Named Money – copyright © Chris MacLean 2008 (SOCAN)

I’ve got a dog his name is Money
I love him so much, don’tcha think it’s funny
How he always, runs away
Wish there was something I could do, make my Money stay.

When I first got Money, all my friends agreed
A fat little bundle like him was what I needed, to have a happy home
With a dog like Money, I’d never have to fee alone
I invested my time, taught him to sit
I thought that we were a perfect fit
He had a restless mind, a fickle heart
Money and I were soon to part


So the dog came back, and we made up
But Money’s such an unreliable pup
He stuck around for all the toys I bought
But he ran away the first chance he got
Oh Money took off the day the bills were due.
So I put him on a leash, locked him in a pen
He dug a big hole and ran away again
I learned that holding on to Money too tight
Was a losing battle, I’m not willing to fight

I’ve loved Money since the day we met, I’m willing to forgive him every debt
Coz he’s taught me patience and to have faith
Money will come when I’m willing to wait
Oh Money I’ll welcome you any day you come
Oh Money I’ll welcome you any way you come
Come on Money I’m waiting here patient, won’t you please come home.
Money, stay!