1. Song for Tibet

From the recording Feet Be Still

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Mountain Dulcimer
Stuart Watkins: Fretless Bass
Fred Guignon: Electric Guitar
Ian Tamblyn: Bowls; Hammered Dulcimer
Brian Sanderson: Shehnai


Song for Tibet – copyright © Chris MacLean 2004 (SOCAN)

Way up there, where the air is thin
The coloured prayers dance in the wind and take away all sorrow
Way up there, once a paradise
Ancient eyes look lost beneath the flashing neon lights

Take this prayer, the heart of the seed
One day soon you will be free
Write a letter, carry a sign
Do what we can, there’s still time.

Way up there, trees are mowed like grass
Trucks steal away with the treasure, but the questions are not asked
Well way in here, I recognize your face
I know the sound of your voice across the deepest space…

Only what we need
Slow it down, start to breathe
Listen to the wind in the trees
There will be a way, there will be a way.

The lotus blooms, beauty born from mud will flower
Frond hands pointing to the light
When love has all the power.