1. Snow

From the recording Feet Be Still

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Chris MacLean: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Stuart Watkins: Electric Bass
Olivier Fairfield: Drums


SNOW – copyright © Chris MacLean 2007 (SOCAN)

So late the winter lumbered in on oyster skies and feckless winds
The freight train that once drove her gales now threatens to roll off the rails
The ice is thin on a frozen pond
Leaves have dropped, the geese have gone
The ground lied naked, longing for a blanket of…
Come and slow us down
Come and slow us down

The highway drones with the senseless need of lemming humans pumped on greed
Smoking guns and SUVs are boring holes
And as the ozone thins, the poles reveal the state we’re in
The rising tides, the raging winds are roaring…

On pristine fields she kicks her heels
Her skirts fly, the dervish dance begins
At night she shakes her eiderdown, the feathers all come waltzing down
Drifts pile high without a sound
The world awakes to a glistening crown of…


Paint the canvas white, set the balance right
Snow, protect the tender, so they will remember to bloom again
Snow, cover all this mess we’ve made
Snow, Snow Snow Snow