1. Crooked Lines

From the recording Procrastinator

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Chris MacLean: Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Phil Shaw Bova: Drums
Jake Von Wurden: Bass
Matt Ouimet: Percussion, Organ, and Backing Vocal
Steve Boudreau: Whurlitzer
Christine Graves and Jennifer Noxon: Backing Vocal


Crooked Lines © 2013 Chris MacLean (SOCAN)

A skiff of snow on a rocky ledge, high above my head an eagle soars along the edge
Everyone is searching
Skeleton winter leaf, bleached veins reaching back to the halcyon days of youth and yearning
Everyone is searching.

The marks across on my abdomen once stretched to hold within babies now grown, babes of their own
The weathered imprint of your face, love drawn and then erased, the maps and the footprints traced
Every step, a learning. Everyone is searching.

Like a drunkard I’ve been weaving and staggering off alone
Somehow these crooked lines I have made, they always pointed home.

The constellation of my dreams, the stars and the space between, now shifting
Everything is changing
Cracks in the springtime melt, open to the deeper self
There’s a river under here, a reservoir of knowing
Everything is changing.


The beauty in the open fields left unkempt the chaos yields a canvas, bright, and undulating
Everyday I walk out there, feast my eyes and feel the air on my skin, ALIVE!
Everything connecting, everything connecting.