From the recording Procrastinator

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Chris MacLean: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Matt Ouimet: Pedal Steel, Organ, Melotron, Acoustic Guitar, and Backing Vocal


Across the Channel Tonight © 2014 Chris MacLean (SOCAN)

I have a photo of you, 1938,
A storm chasing a wild August day
Waves toss your little canoe
With its patchwork sail, I remember you
Before I was born when your days lingered long
Sweet sounds of summer, the cricket’s song
Echoes of loons and the ravens’ craw
Always the water, always

May these memories kind be the friends you meet
The stones of sorrow, but dust at your feet
And your sails full of Light, As you steer your little vessel
Across the channel tonight.

Your skin warm against sun baked rock
A feather wind, and a pillow of moss
That boy you loved while the bonfires burned, ‘til he went away to war
And he never returned

I remember you making the best of things
A dog at your heel, a garden blooming
Kettles of tea and your ready laugh
We had our differences, yes, but they’re all passed.


Now the shallows of the shoreline have started to freeze
And all that is present so quickly recedes
Still there’s a place where the water never freezes
The sweet sounds of summer rise up from the deep


Repeat Verse I
I remember you, I’ll remember you…
Across the channel tonight.