1. Sweet Release

From the recording Procrastinator

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Chris MacLean: Lead Vocal and Backing Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar
Phil Shaw Bova: Drums
Matt Ouimet: Bass Keys, Dobro, Pedal Steel, Percussion, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, and Backing Vocal
Steve Boudreau: Whurlitzer
Christine Graves and Jennifer Noxon: Backing Vocals


Sweet Release - copyright © Chris MacLean 2012 (SOCAN)

I’m a poor girl, stones in my pockets now and the winter winds are blowing down cold
I’ve got a hunger so deep driving me, a devil’s ransom on my soul
Blow that smoke into my brain, watch me fly away
I’ll do anything mister for that sweet release
You know that that’s the price I pay.

Cocaine took me first when I was 13 on arms open and free
And it lifted me up on a soft summer cloud high above these red dirt streets
I sucked that smoke into my brain, away, away I flew
Now I’ll do anything mister for that same release, anything you ask me to.

The preacher man he says that he can save my soul if I turn towards his Light
And he promises heaven, all the finest rewards, he’ll walk there by my side
He blows those words into my brain, like smoke they drift away
Coz the devil won’t trade my soul for words, a much higher price I’ll pay.

Cold, dark, lonely street; black car in the rain
I know that this is trouble but I cannot help myself, I’m a victim in my own game
Away, away, away we climb, high above the city lights
And even the devil himself well he can’t help me now
I’ll go down without a fight.

I’m a poor girl stones in my pockets
And there’s no hunger driving me, the devil has let me go
He broke my body, stole my breath, Away, away he flew
In the Outeniqua Mountains on a cold, dark night I paid my final dues.

Up in the mountain ridges dark and steep
No one to find her body where she sleeps
Wind will sing her home on a lonesome song
She’ll find her sweet release….. She’s found her sweet release.