I believe that singing is everyone's birthright.

Through non-auditioned Community Choir, Circle Singing, 
Creative Workshops and Retreats  and the 
life-altering Lifesong program, 
I help everyday people discover, reclaim and improve their  voice.   

It's all about expressing yourself confidently and courageously;
and, in the case of Lifesong, creating art from the content of your life.



"I have learned to have confidence, not by pushing myself, but by allowing myself to be invited into the joy of using my voice."
Anne S – Song Kitchen Choir member

"I feel part of a community. I have been exposed to a wide variety of songs and music which make me feel more of a global citizen and the power of music to unite people.  I am able to grow at my own pace without judgement but with you inspiring me to want to sing ‘better’ and learn more…." 
Glynis P – Zoom Song Kitchen Choir member 

"I really appreciated your approach to music, that it is a creative process that everyone is free to experience, and not just available to those who are considered 'talented' or 'musicians'. I love this way of looking at music and I will keep exploring, discovering and experiencing it, because I truly enjoy it..." 
Hazel Y – Lifesong graduate


As a performing Singer–Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Chris's career spans 30+ years of composing and performing Contemporary Folk/Roots; World; and, more recently, Vocal Improvisation; and has taken her across the globe. She has 3 recordings of original compositions, and is featured on several others, including 2 releases with Indo-Canadian fusion ensemble, Galitcha and the acoustic trio, Frida's Brow. She currently performs as one third of the acoustic trio, The Paugan Dames based in Wakefield, QC.

NEWS / Upcoming

Chris is now interviewing applicants for Lifesong, the life-changing program designed to liberate your voice.
The next session begins in January 2022. Get in touch ASAP if you're interested.

The Song Kitchen Choirs will be meeting indoors, in-person starting mid-January!
Tuesday afternoons at St Luke's Church in Ottawa.
The Wakefield/Chelsea group will be meeting on Wednesday afternoons. Location soon to be confirmed.
Proof of vaccination is required for all Chris's in-person programs.